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Women in Mine Action

Women in Mine Action

At TDI, we are proud of the women who work in mine action, so we are dedicating the whole month of March to them.  We begin by highlighting Elisabeth, our Project Manager in the Central African Republic.

Elisabeth started her professional career working in modern art galleries, specializing in the sale of master paintings, glass blowing and crystal sculpture. Eventually she was given the opportunity to work in Djibouti on a development project where she was able to utilise her legal training.  Not long after this, she discovered the world of humanitarian aid, a career path she decided to pursue and has been involved in for 18 years since.   

Elisabeth has worked in the Central African Republic previously and many other countries in Africa affected by humanitarian crises.  She finds working in these countries rewarding in terms of personal development.  Elisabeth went on to discover the mine action industry 7 years ago which allowed her to use her knowledge of humanitarian support through explosive ordnance risk education projects.

Elisabeth has always enjoyed her work and takes “great pleasure in being able to help and connect with people,” something she continues to do in her current role with TDI through field community visits.