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Caroline Kimanthi

Women in Mine Action, Caroline Kimanthi

Caroline Kimanthi
Caroline Kimanthi

Caroline Kimanthi is a Kenyan medical professional who has worked for the World Health Organization and the United Nations before joining The Development Initiative (TDI).  Caroline is the current Medical Coordinator, working in Somalia for TDI, on our EOD/IEDD Training and Mentoring project. She is responsible for coordinating 12 medics and providing medical support during EOD/IEDD operations in six sector HQs and several remote Forward Operating Bases (FOBS) locations throughout Somalia.


As well as her Nursing qualifications, she has achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Systems Management and a Master’s Degree in Public Health.  Her deep understanding of concepts of health and healthcare makes Caroline a very flexible and adaptive team member.


Working in Somalia is challenging, each day is different.  Some of the duties Caroline conducts are the running of the TDI HQ clinic, responding to emergencies, or conducting training in Battlefield Emergency First Aid or Combat Trauma Care to various personnel.


Caroline stated, “I work in a dangerous, traditionally male dominated environment.  To make a discernible difference I have to challenge many stereotypes in the hope of inspiring other young women.  To break perceptions, you must keep doing what you are doing, never give up and remain professional.”