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UN Day Celebrations in Abyei

“We are striving to maintain peace, while bringing lifesaving aid to millions caught up in armed conflict.” António Guterres, UN Secretary General. The 24th of October 2019 was a day filled with speeches, presentations, community displays and ceremonial tree planting activities to celebrate the 74th founding United Nations Day. Agencies, organisations and groups working in Abyei observed this day along with the celebratory events that ensued.

Under the theme of “UN for Peace and Sustainable Development in Abyei,” five Liaison Officers from TDI assisted with events during the course of the day’s celebrations. Risk education sessions were delivered to the public who gathered in Abyei town near the Youth Centre of Mul-Mul. Leaflets and posters were distributed to the beneficiaries of these risk education displays. The distribution of this printed material could then be passed onto friends and relatives who could not attend the day’s celebrations.

Speeches and community displays were translated into local languages to ensure each participant understood what was said. Celebrated annually, the UN Day is recognised to highlight issues with the global public, and to listen to their desires and fears whilst implementing change based on these experiences.