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Three new projects underway in South Sudan

4x Multi Task Teams now mobilised in South Sudan

TDI deployed a comprehensive mixed capability multi-task capacity into South Sudan to conduct survey and clearance tasks. The capacity is capable of undertakingGMAA & Technical Survey, Land Release, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Stockpile destruction, Battle Area Clearance (BAC), Minefield Clearance and Community Liaison with Mine Risk Education.

TDI has had a number of MTT’s working on behalf of UNMAS in South Sudan for the past 3 years and four of these transferred across onto this new project once their existing project came to a close. The teams are familiar with the terrain, threat and requirements of multi-task projects and will work together as they continue onto this new contract.

The teams were mobilised on the 1st June 2014 and will be operational until June 2015.

Emergency Route Verification and Clearance Capacity

In support of the new mandate’s objective to allow freedom of movement for humanitarian actors,
UNMAS contracted TDI to provide 2x Emergency Road Verification and Clearance Capacities.

TDI teams will initially be based in Bentiu and/or Malakal. Each RVCT will have international oversight and will be capable of conducting Non-technical and Technical Survey, Mine Clearance, Battle Area Clearance, Explosive Ordnance Disposal up to EPD L3 and will be supported by a mobile Community Liaison Team.

The teams have mobilised and began operations on the 1st August 2014.

ROUTE Assessment and Clearance Capacity throughout South Sudan

UNOPS/UNMAS contracted TDI to provide Route Verification and Clearance Teams which are made up of a comprehensive grouping of proven assets (Mechanical, Manual, Ground Penetrating Radar and Mine Detection Dogs) capable of undertaking effective and systemised route assessment/survey followed by route verification /clearance to firstly establish and then subsequently be able to deal with the threat. In addition the grouping is able to react to small manual mine clearance and BAC tasks, Spot EOD tasks, Community Liaison and Mine Risk Education.

The team will commence mobilisation and in country preparation for this project on the 1st November 2014 and will be begin operations on the 2nd January 2015. It is anticipated that this project will run for a period of thirty-two months until June 2017.