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Continuous learning is necessary to meet the evolving threat of explosive hazards, both in weaponry and tactics. Upskilling personnel through training and mentoring programmes in countries of conflict assists in tackling the challenge of ever-changing methods of warfare.

TDI provides a broad range of training and mentoring services to governmental, non-governmental and commercial sectors. All training is carried out by experts within their field, and includes:

  • EOD, IEDD and C-IED Training and Mentoring solutions developed in close consultation with our clients and tailored to the candidates experience and ability. TDI’s training solutions are flexible and can be adapted according to specific threats and theatres. Qualified personnel with many years practical experience gained in multiple theatres carry out all training.
  • Weapons and Ammunition Management Training to National Defence and Security Forces as well as Peace Keeping Forces, providing them with the skills to effectively manage weapons and ammunition to reduce the potential risk of unplanned explosions of ammunition stockpiles, theft or disappearance of SALW, and improve the security of people living in the vicinity of ammunition depots.

A range of bespoke training courses can also be provided which include: