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Detection dogs are crucial to mine action operations because of their incredible ability to detect items such as explosives, narcotics and contraband. With roughly $19 billion spent on research and development in this industry, no machine or technological innovation has proven to be more successful in detecting substances than a dog.

TDI has a proven record of providing specialist detection dog services to multinational companies, governmental and non-governmental organisations across Africa and the Middle East. Our primary focus is explosive detection; however, we can also provide dogs for other disciplines including security and patrol.

Explosive Detection Dogs (EDDs) are obtained through our exclusive partner in the United Kingdom, where these dogs are trained to industry standards to locate trace amounts of explosives. These dogs can be used for entry control points (ECPs), person and vehicle search as well as baggage and area search.

TDI handlers are suitably qualified and experienced individuals who have basic veterinary training to ensure that the dogs are kept in top condition and downtime is minimised. Handlers are selected from a diverse range of nationalities to ensure a number of languages are available in order to provide bespoke solutions to respective clients.

TDI has a robust in-house veterinary support network capable of supporting operations in every theatre that we work in.