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ROV Training Race in Timbuktu

Nothing like a touch of completion to spice up a training session. In the last part of 2017, TDI’s IEDD teams in Timbuktu, Northern Mali organized an ROV operators’ competition with an obstacle course to test operators’ dexterity and ability.

The two operators selected worked under the guidance of TDI’s IEDD Mentors  and were able to exchange techniques and improve their competency.

The race included an obstacle course to test the capability of both operator and ROV. This included ladder runs, which need precision in maneuvering to complete, and grasping tasks from the delicate to the heavier and more robust.

Remotely Operated Vehicle’s are used by the teams for disarming procedures and regular practice of their use is essential.

The test trail was organized by one of TDI’s IEDD operators, with diverse difficulties in terms of path, slaloming or moving on a steep narrow ramp, taking sharp corners, treating different targets and objectives.

Both competitors performed very well and in the end, with less than two minutes to go, it was our Cambodian colleague who won the day. A return leg is planned in the coming weeks.