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Ron is a retired explosive detection dog

Retired Explosive Detection Dog Ron is on a Mission

Ron is a retired explosive detection dog born in the United Kingdom and trained by Dog Detectives. He worked for TDI in Timbuktu in Mali from 2016 until he was retired in April 2022. His work was to search vehicles entering various UN compounds. When working dogs are retired TDI endeavors to find the best homes possible for them so that they can transition into a new human family life, where they can spend the rest of their days. TDI has found an amazing home for Ron with Jane. Jane has helped Ron adapt to his new life. She said it took him three months to stop going into a car park anticipating that she would ask him to check vehicles. Slowly she has been training him and has watched him transform, now swimming for his ball or trotting in front of her while they walk. Walking in the mountains, where she lives, has brought them together.
Ron is a retired explosive detection dog

With special “working dog” permission from the Blue Cross Committee Ron will be participating in the 2023 Zimbabwe Blue Cross Ultra Marathon as a relay participant with his human companion Jane. This will be the first time a dog takes part in the event. They will be competing to raise funds for Zimbabwe’s SPCA who are trying to help rescued and injured animals in Zimbabwe. The Blue Cross Ultra Marathon is held every year in August. Competitors can walk, run, cycle and motorbike the 500km from the lowest point of Zimbabwe, the Save Conservancy in the Lowveld, to the highest point Mount Nyangani.

Jane and Ron have been in training for the event. There is a GoFundMe page that has been set up for them called, “Ron’s 2023 Blue Cross Challenge”

They aim to raise three thousand pounds to participate in the event which is then donated to the Zimbabwe SPCA.

You can also follow more of their adventures and training on Jane’s website where she writes various blogs: