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Meet Arek: the Woman Aspiring to Make a Difference

We wrap up the month of March by introducing Arek, our EORE Coordinator in South Sudan. Arek has been in the Mine Action industry for 20 years, initially beginning her career as a Community Liaison Officer. Despite facing difficulties when she began working in this industry due to being a woman, she persevered as she takes great pride in helping those affected by landmines and UXO. Read the full article to get a bit more insight on Arek’s role with TDI.

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The Medic keeping TDI Safe Against Landmines

Throughout the month of March, we continue to focus on some of the hardworking women of TDI. Meet Betty, the Medic keeping her colleagues in South Sudan safe. Betty joined TDI in 2014 and has established herself as a determined member of her team. Her role has its challenges but she chooses “to remain focused and principled in order to survive among the multitudes of men” in this industry.

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Meet our Operations Assistant, Chipo

This month, we celebrated International Women’s Day and in honour of this day, we introduce you to some of the hardworking women of TDI. We start at the TDI headquarters and introduce you to Chipo, a working mother of three girls and our versatile Operations Assistant.

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Clearance in Wau

A Pageant to Support the Progress

In recognition of the clearance efforts taking place, TDI was invited to attend the Miss Wau Beauty Pageant. This pageant was held to draw attention to the presence of explosive hazards in this South Sudanese state. While attending the pageant, TDI gave a safety briefing, presented by Ms. Winnie Better Paul.

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A Different Kind of Clearance

Meet Magawa, the hardworking rat adopted by TDI Operations Manager, Roshan Christy. Nicknamed HeroRATS, African giant pouched rats are an integral part of mine action operations. These HeroRATS are operational in three different countries, including Cambodia; the world’s second most heavily mined county.

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CAR Military Training new

The Central African Republic – Six Years and Counting

For almost six years, TDI has actively been clearing unexploded ordnance in the Central African Republic. In addition to clearance efforts, training and the provision of risk education to local communities is also conducted. Here, we take a brief look at six years of efforts in this heavily mined African country.

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Explore our latest media coverage below.

Explore our latest media coverage below.