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Hold On Tight!

TDI have managed to retain their title. International Day of United Nations (UN) Peacekeepers 2018 was celebrated on 29 May and TDI were invited to participate in a friendly tug of war. How could we turn down the opportunity to take part in a bit of childhood fun to celebrate the work conducted by UN Peacekeepers?

The excitement of the day’s event naturally drew a crowd as it was questioned whether TDI could win it for the second time in a row. Come what may, team TDI were about to give it all that they had. Ready, set, heave!

There was jostling and shouting, heaving and pulling – the two teams somewhat evenly matched! The crowds cheered, watching in anticipation of the unfolding outcome. “Come on TDI.”

After some more yanking and mustering a final effort, TDI managed to overcome their opponents and bring the trophy home for a second time. Well done team TDI, nothing like a bit of friendly competition to keep staff morale high and raise awareness of the continued work done worldwide by the UN. Until next time!