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  • Women in Mine Action, Caroline Kimanthi

    Women in Mine Action, Caroline Kimanthi

    Caroline Kimanthi’s journey from Kenya to the frontlines in Somalia demonstrates incredible dedication. This skilled medical professional, with past work at the WHO and UN, now saves lives amidst the dangers of EOD/IEDD operations. Her story highlights the power of perseverance and expertise.

  • TDI supporting Climate Wise with a Reforestation Project at Imire Wildlife Conservancy, Zimbabwe

    TDI supporting Climate Wise with a Reforestation Project at Imire Wildlife Conservancy, Zimbabwe

    TDI has supported Climate Wise since 2020. Climate Wise provides meaningful change by offsetting carbon footprints and improving the lives of those in the poorest communities. To date, TDI’s contributions have offset 369.5 tonnes of CO 2 which is the equivalent of 37,320 trees being planted and 1,795,531 miles offset in a typical family car.

  • The Guardian – February 2016

    The Guardian – February 2016

    From landmines to improvised bombs, weapons impair development Unexploded devices that injure civilians in conflict and post-conflict zones are a barrier to a better future. That’s why demining work is essential. After the guns fall silent and the bombs stop falling, war has a nasty way of indiscriminately rearing its head and inflicting yet more…

  • Mining Elites in Africa – October 2015

    Mining Elites in Africa – October 2015

    Today, there are over 100 million laid and active landmines globally – and that’s not mentioning millions of tonnes of other unexploded ordnance (UXO), such as rockets and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Of course, as a result of ongoing and historical conflict many of these mines and other ERW are located in areas where natural…

  • Devex – September 2015

    Devex – September 2015

    Clearing the Way for Development by Clearing Landmines When a conflict ends and the visible threats move out, it is often assumed all potential danger has moved on too. No longer are there groups of rebels or military fighting it out in the open or sounds of gunfire and explosions. All is calm. Or so…

  • Oil Review Middle East – October 2015

    Oil Review Middle East – October 2015

    6 Risk Mitigation Measures for Potential Explosive Remnants of War Contamination The resource curse is a well-documented conundrum. Too many countries with an abundance of natural resources paradoxically experience lacklustre economic growth and poor social development, whilst many are plagued by ongoing conflict and the persistent legacy of war. One of the untold, but no…

  • City AM – June 2015

    City AM – June 2015

    There are 110 million unexploded mines in the world today, and that’s the number under the ground – it doesn’t include those being stored, transported or created. « The saddest thing about Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya is that this is destruction on repeat » says Hugh Morris, founder and MD of landmine clearance company The Development Initiative…

  • African Review – June 2015

    African Review – June 2015

    As Managing Director at The Development Initiative (TDI), Hugh Morris oversees a unique and expansive operation, providing services to humanitarian and developmental projects. The company works, also, with private sector enterprises to prepare the way for critical infrastructure projects – such as in the oil and gas sector, clearing the ground of explosive remnants of…

  • Devex – April 2015

    Devex – April 2015

    Soon after the conflict between the Albanians and the Serbians ended in 1999, a group of Albanian women started clearing land mines in Kosovo under a project by the Norwegian People’s Aid. For five weeks, the women attended training, where they were allowed to have their children with them. They also received a monthly salary…

  • The Daily Telegraph – November 2014

    The Daily Telegraph – November 2014

    Meet the British company clearing up the minefields of the world Some 2,000 people are injured or killed by landmines each month. Landmines are a cruel reality of war. Long after the soldiers have gone home, these silent killers lie in wait to claim further casualties. That is, until British firm The Development Initiative (TDI)…