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UXO Support and Survey in Kuwait


In September 2015, TDI was tasked to assess the potential explosive remnants of war (ERW) threat within the inter-tidal drilling operations area in Kuwait. Based on a site visit, a comprehensive risk assessment was compiled, which included recommendations to mitigate the risk that may be posed by the presence of ERW within the project area. In doing so, it brought with it an acceptable safe working level for personnel and equipment.


TDI provided a Geophysical Survey and Anomaly Avoidance (GSAA) program and used a combination of manual, hovercraft and zodiac motorised boat platforms, mounted with metal detectors and data logging equipment to capture and record the data.


A total of 1662km2 was surveyed within the intertidal area up to a depth of two metres in 78 working days. Over 400 anomalies were detected and avoided.