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Provision of Risk Education and Survey Teams in DRC


In 2018, TDI were tasked with delivering explosive ordnance risk education and non-technical survey to at risk communities in seven territories within four provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo. TDI partnered with a local non-governmental organisation to deliver this project.


The provision of explosive ordnance and small and light weapons risk education raised awareness to the threat posed by explosive remnants of war whilst providing a better understanding of the danger of uncontrolled firearms. The non-technical survey tasks enabled UNMAS to target specific zones of contamination in support of humanitarian relief efforts.


Over 54,600 people were provided with valuable risk education. In order to reach each community, the teams travelled by motorbike. This was challenging at times due to weather conditions and security threats. Non-technical survey was conducted in 400 villages, assisting our client identify previously unknown hazardous areas. The TDI multi-task teams concurrently based in the Democratic Republic of Congo were then tasked to remove and destroy these newly identified objects of unexploded ordnance.