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8x Multi-Task Teams in South Sudan


In 2017, TDI was contracted to provide UNMAS with a multi-task capacity to conduct survey and clearance tasks in South Sudan.


The eight TDI teams performed a variety of tasks during the tenure of this contract including explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), technical and non-technical survey and battle area clearance (BAC) and general mine action assessment (GMAA).  The teams also conducted community liaison whilst visiting communities and provided explosive ordnance risk education (EORE).


The teams removed over 6,200 items of unexploded ordnance and 110,000 items of small arms ammunition.  Over 2,725,000 of land was cleared by battle area clearance and a further 1,485,000m2 by ground preparation.

Two South Sudanese personnel were promoted to Technical Field Managers after initially joining the mine action industry as Deminers, moving up to Team Leader and then eventually Technical Field Manager status within TDI. Although travel was restricted during times of challenging road and weather conditions, the TDI teams accomplished all of their tasks.  This project was completed in mid-2020.