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Fleet Maintenance in Mali


TDI has provided a turnkey vehicle maintenance solution to the United Nations in Mali since 2016, delivering scheduled and preventative maintenance, repairs and overhaul services, field maintenance and repair and vehicle recovery.


Three bespoke tented workshops have been established in Northern Mali for the maintenance of light, heavy, armoured and soft skin vehicles, plants and equipment. The tented workshops are fitted with air conditioning, extraction ventilators and modern interlocking flooring technology and were built to provide a protective environment in heavy wind and high temperatures, and to withstand sand and rain storms. 

On this contract, TDI also provides mobile recovery teams who perform mechanical repair and servicing for ground troop operations and road convoys throughout Mali.


Although the teams have faced logistical and resupply challenges, they have completed over 1,000 minor repairs, more than 380 major repairs to MPV/APCs, 1,650 post mission inspections of the MPV/APCs with 670 having a full service and conducted over 170 vehicle recoveries.