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Anti-Poaching Efforts Aided by Donation

TDI recently donated three detectors to the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) to assist with their anti-poaching efforts in the field.

The detectors are being used by anti-poaching rangers for snare sweeps and ballistics recovery from wildlife crime scenes within their areas of operation. TDI conducted a brief training course on the use of the detectors to ensure the rangers could maximise their benefit during their anti-poaching operations.

James Slade, Operations Manager for the IAPF in Zimbabwe, where the detectors will predominately be used, said that of the three detectors donated “one of these units has already been deployed in the Bumi Hills region of Kariba with success in recovering ballistics from a recently poached elephant. (see pictures) The other two detectors will shortly be sent to Victoria Falls to help with a backlog of areas needing to be swept.”

Slade added that “We feel these metal detectors will play a vital role in evidence collection and will ultimately lead to greater success in our efforts to curb the increasing poaching which threatens Zimbabwe and the entire African continent.”

Hugh Morris, Managing Director of TDI said, ‘This is a great initiative for TDI to be involved in and we are delighted to hear the positive impact the detectors are having.  We’re very glad to have been able to assist Slade and the IAPF team with their mission and wish them every success.’