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TDI was established in 2005 and provides a range of explosive threat mitigation and mine-action related services to multinational companies, and governmental and non-governmental organisations.

With a recognised footprint throughout Africa and the Middle East, TDI has completed over 80 projects in countries including Central African Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Togo, Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait.

TDI has cleared over 26,600 km of routes and roads, removed more than 235,000 items of unexploded ordnance, and safely destroyed over 2,400 tonnes of unserviceable and obsolete munitions. 240,000 local people have received valuable explosive ordnance risk education. More than 8,600 personnel have been trained in improvised explosive device disposal and a further 2,200 people in explosive ordnance disposal.

TDI provides its clients with explosive detection dog solutions that are tailor-made to each project and theatre requirements.

Our Approach

TDI employ personnel from over 35 countries worldwide. Our team is diverse with a wealth of practical experience from multiple theatres. Their backgrounds range from the Military and mine action to explosive ordnance disposal, dog services, marketing and finance. This enables TDI to offer a consistently high level of service, tailored to each customer’s requirements.

Collectively, our staff have worked in countries including Cambodia, Bosnia, France, Kosovo, Lebanon, Laos, Mali, Nepal, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, United Kingdom and Zimbabwe.

TDI is an equal opportunity employer and is dedicated to building a culturally diverse community. As an organisation, TDI particularly encourages applications from women and minorities.

TDI constantly strives to improve its level of performance to provide the highest quality of service in the mine action industry. TDI approaches each project with a rigorous set of key performance indicators and actively encourage independent benchmarking and customer feedback. 

A strong commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) is a top priority for TDI for the protection of our staff whilst meeting operational objectives.

All TDI projects are approached with flexibility and are individually tailored to each client’s requirements and the operational environment.  An experienced Project Manager oversees the team using TDI’s proven methodology and standard operating procedures. The headquarters of each project provide continuous support to the teams in the theatres in which we operate, ensuring quality of service is guaranteed at all times.

Local community development is always top of mind for TDI.  Where possible, TDI personnel utilise their experience to build local capacity through skills imparted by training, employment opportunities and improving local resources through small, sustainable projects.