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Clearance in Wau

A Pageant to Support the Progress

Wau state in South Sudan is riddled with explosive remnants of war (ERW) from conflicts dating as far back as 1983.  These explosive threats have severely affected the livelihoods of the communities living in this area, along with the local economy.

In an effort to rid this state of explosive hazards, TDI is currently conducting Route Verification and Clearance activities on roads in the area.  This clearance has been determined as a matter of urgency in assisting the free flow of humanitarian aid to and from the surrounding areas of Wau.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]In early November 2019, TDI were formally invited by the Rotary Club in Wau to attend the 2019 Miss Wau Beauty Pageant.  By attending this pageant, TDI were asked to present a safety briefing on ERW Awareness to those in attendance.  This request was due to TDI’s ongoing commitment to clearance in the state of Wau.

In acknowledgement of creating a safer environment, TDI attended this pageant as honoured guests on 10 November 2019.  Over 600 other individuals also attended.  TDI Community Liaison Officer, Ms Winnie Betty Paul, presented the safety briefing to the audience, highlighting the dangers of ERW and precautionary actions to follow.

Through the dedicated clearance efforts, TDI have gained confidence and trust from local nationals in the area.  This has allowed the teams to conduct their operations without disruptions or direct threats from warring parties.  TDI teams have since successfully freed an eight metre corridor of contaminated land, of which humanitarian aid can now past through freely.