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2 x Integrated Clearance Capacities mobilising under UNISFA

TDI mobilised 2x Integrated Clearance Teams (ICT) in support of the United Nations Interim Security Force Abyei (UNISFA) and the Joint Border Verification and Monitoring Mission JBVMM in September this year.

The teams will be required to undertake Non-technical and Technical Survey, Mine Clearance, Battle Area Clearance, Explosive Ordnance Disposal up to L3 and Mine Risk Education where necessary. They have the ability to work independently of each other or, where necessary, join together to form a larger capacity. One ICT consists of Sudanese staff to enable them to work north of the border in Sudan and the other consists of South Sudanese staff who will operate in South Sudan. The Mine Detecting Dog elements included in the team are staffed and equipped to work on separate tasks to the clearance section if required.

TDI currently have 2 Multi Task Teams and provide patrol support to the JBVMM in Abyei.